Hear Earl's music online at the Earl Bethel station page

Please take a moment to view the EBMF Press Release from Earl's sister, Gwen Bethel.

The Earl Bethel Memorial Fund is a registered non-profit foundation in part with The New Hampshire Charitable Trust and is administered by:
Mr. Peter Lamb
446 Market Street
Portsmouth NH 03801

Donations may be made out to:

BKNY.com is featuring this site for a dearly departed friend and talented musician, Earl Bethel. Earl passed away in 2000 due to diabetic complications right before he was to begin performing as the lead guitar player for The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, NV. With a little help from our friends we will continue to promote the music Earl Bethel created during his college and Los Angeles tenures. Please continue to check in with this site to see more information on upcoming events and promotions for The Earl Bethel Memorial Fund.

Earl recorded "These Blues" out in Los Angeles in 1998. Download this one and enjoy!!!

Check out the mp3 files of The Benders @ Baci, in Providence, Rhode Island... back in 1994

Contact us for more information or if you would like to help support the Earl Bethel Memorial Fund.